Monday, 5 February 2018

Show Off

It is entirely appropriate that my rubbish photography has caused a light flare on the machine, as if it's a twinkle of halo-esque proportions. Its like the Colgate smile sparkle. If you can't remember that far back, just ignore that comparison! 
So in the pic you can see the fab shelf thing that Mr Dunnit made for me in order to house my Scan&Cut Christmas present. It needs to be within reach for use and to remind me that I HAVE to learn how to use it. The Scan&Cut that is. It's actually called a ScanNCut, but I don't like that name, I hate the N. I feel it should have apostrophes around it and that's a pain to type. And the N sound is also part of the punchline of a joke about constipation, and I can never get that out of my mind. 
Oh there, sorry, I seem to have drifted. The appropriate light flare is my point. It's to reward me. I have actually read the manual, I have actually done some of the practice exercises and am slowly working my way through others. I need to be able to use this machine to its maximum potential instead of dithering about with the top 10% of its functions. Pretty much what I do with my phone, ipad and such. Ridiculous. So I'm feeling a bit good about this fraction of my craft life at the moment. I should say that it's quite computer based and I would very much prefer not to spend valuable crafting time learning to computer. But it's a means to an end...the ability to do all the Scan&Cut says it can outweighs the time investment at this point. Ask me again in a couple of months when I hope, I'll be picking it up and creating without a second thought. Meanwhile, if nothing else, I'm learning the page numbers of the manual!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It DOES look like it's smiling. I guess the learning curve might put me off. That and the price, of course. However, I'll watch for updates on your progress. It's really a pretty accompaniment, at least.

Sue said...

Julia, The more you use it, the better you will get (Oh Matron;)) Sue

misteejay said...

Enjoy playing with your new toy. A friend bought one of these just before Christmas and she is loving it.
Toni xx

Helen said...

I am impressed that it is out of the box, on a ready made shelf and that you are reading the manual! I don't much like things that involve reading the manual, I must have been a man in a previous existence, I think!
I await your wonderful scan AND cut designs (agree about the N, it's just laziness!) invading your Wednesday desks very soon....... or not!